Wish List


  • Shark Navigator DLX-NV71 vacuum for office use ($250)
  • Portable PA System and stand ($995)
  • AED Defibrillator & training for staff
  • Copier paper for office use
  • Paper Shredder for office use
  • 10” Android Tablets ($200 each) for Successful Aging & Technology program
  • $10 Gift Cards for giveaways at SCAN Events
  • $25 Gift Cards for participants of Diabetes Self-Management workshops


  • Event Planner for our first Dinner Show fund raiser called “The Love Boat” on April 23, 2020
  • Podcast Developer to expand the reach of our Multimedia Division
  • Website Developer for Benefit Enrollment Center
  • Technology Coaches for our Successful Aging and Technology Program
  • Consultants to help develop and deliver our Financial Literacy public presentations


  • Scholarships for seniors to go to Summer Camp for 5 days (Sept 2020)
  • Scholarships for low income seniors to attend our signature 10 week Successful Aging & Technology Program where we provide free Android tablets ($500 per senior)